Cristian Prisecaru
martial artist / choreographer / stuntman / actor
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Cristian "Safe Dracula"  Prisecaru

    stuntman / coordinator / fight choreographer / actor     

   Why a stuntman? ...

Because I love it  !!!  

   In 2000 I graduated from Buftea  "Stuntmens School" under the guidance of Szoby Cseh .   Since August 2000 I'm a professional stuntman.I was a  member of the Romanian Professional Stuntmen's Association - (A.C.P.R).

Since 2005 I'm the Stuntmen's Association President and also a

trainer at "Centrul Gladiator" ( sportive base for underprivileged children/teenagers).

If your project needs animals, you should contact me as the Romanian representative of

" Animal Acting".

   I was a member & choreographer of the stunt teams that performed demonstrations in a lot of live martial arts live shows and TV shows:


"Teo Show",

"An adventurous summer (O vara cu peripetii)",

"Bet summer?" (B1TV)

" Cauta-l pe Nicu !"(Pro TV)


"ING Bank-Evolutions",

"Teo & Andi Show"(Pro TV)

"Reconstituire... la secunda" (TVR1)

   I am the leader of the romanian branch of "Sport X Treme" Stunt Team that won the second prize in Moscow International Festival of Stunt Art and Cinematography-"Prometeus"-2003. -check our official web-site:



"Amen" (2002)-D:Costa Gavras;-Media Pro Pictures

"Boudica" (2002)-D:Bill Anderson;- Media Pro Pictures

"Entre Chien et Loups" (2001)-D:Arcady Alexandre ;-Media Pro Pictures

"Haute Tension" (2002)-D:Aja Alexandre ;-Media Pro Pictures

 3 short action movies that made "Sport X Treme"stunt team won 2-nd prize in Moscow :

"Drugdeal" ; "BadBoys" ; "Soar of the Roads" - director, actor & stuntcoordinator ;

"Return of the living deads 5" (2004)-D:Ellory Elkayem;-Castel Film

"Kyon Ki" (2004)- starring: Salman Khan;-Tandem Film

"Funny Money" (2004)-D:Leslie Greif;-Castel Film

"Les Rois Maudits" (2004)-D:Josee Dayan;-Castel Film

"Xenophobia" (2005)- D: Gary Jones;-Castel Film

"Imperium 2" (2005) -D:Martin Papirowsky


"Measure for Measure" after W.Shakespeare (2003)- I've act  and did the sword fight coreography;

"Apus de Soare" aka "Sundown" - Bucharest National Theatre  (2004)- Petru Aron character, stuntman


 "Mc'Donald's" (Germany - Sept.2004) - Domino Film ;- stuntcoordinator

 "OPET- FullForce"- FilmPark - Istanbul (Turkey- Oct. 2004-starring Tarkan & me - the bear);

"WELLA - Nightfever"- (Germany 2005)- Domino Film;- stuntcoordinator

My skills are:

-martial arts / any kind of fights (swords, weapons, guns,...)

-weapons handling (bow, axe, hatchet, combat knife, spear,...)


-alpinism / mountaineering (any kind of work connected - deathslide, zip-line, rapelling, rigging,...)

-high falls (from buildings, helicopters,...)

-falls ( on stairs, on hard surfaces,...)

-bodyburning (partial / full)

-driving / car stunts

-water stunts ( using boats, ski jets,...)

-acrobatics (using gymnastics,cars, cables, trampoline,...)

-animal stunt acting

  If you find the above  interesting or if you have any problems with your script, please don't hesitate to

contact me...

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